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Process Notes W3C PDF Open Data Community Group

Based on
The process elements here shouldn’t require a charter change.


The current co-chairs are Larry Masinter (Adobe) and James Smith (ODI). The Charter has a section on chair selection.


The overhead for joining should be low. One value we’ll get is that everyone agrees to the contributor agreements. To join the group, Follow This Link. There is no limit to number of participants from any one organization. Encourage everyone interested to join.

If you can’t join (e.g., your company won’t let you), then you can still subscribe to the group mailing list (send an email with subject Subscribe to


Blog: Individuals and groups may blog about the work on their own sites; we’ll use the W3C blog for short pointers and possibly minutes.
Mailing lists: We will use (archived) exclusively
Chat/IRC,Teleconference: There is an Adobe Connect room:, which includes teleconference support. ODI prefer Google Hangouts. W3C offers IRC with Zakim.
If we have a volunteer to set up, we’ll use Google Hangouts, otherwise Connect.
Documents: We will use Google Docs for developing documents, (not GitHub).
Github: We should consider using W3C Github repos when we’re further along; for now, use a personal or company account. Be sure to include a LICENSE file of W3C License (see Charter).


While we’re focusing on our initial report, we will meet online weekly. Wednesday 9 AM PDT is good for many, but some have a conflict.

We need volunteers to take minutes. Minutes may be posted by email to the group (and approved minutes to the blog.)

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