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Education Taxonomy Being Developed for Learning Registry in U.S.

Approximately 3.5 years ago, we built out a pretty straight forward controlled vocabulary for the California State Dept. of Education’s K-12 resource portal that allowed them to ingest a handful of known large repositories they were interested in exposing to their states 300,000 educators. We used a foundational starting point of GEMS and a compilation of large, known vocabularies governing large, known repositories like the National Science Digital Library and Thinkfinity at the time.

That “Topics” list we derived can be viewed in the Topics modal on the left-hand side of the following page.

We of course developed other vocabularies for them based on their own state standards and links to assessment items at the time, and now to their Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math (based on ASN specs), as well as Next. Generation Science Standards.

However, we are now in the process of building out a new controlled vocabulary that integrates granularity points from the CCSS and NGSS as part of our work on the USDOE Learning Registry project as part of their submission form for agencies needing to submit metadata on behalf of records in their own repositories for bi-lateral publishing across the U.S. and beyond. 

We will have a draft of this new taxonomy ready for viewing by the end of March, 2014 as it will play a significant role in the submission and publishing of educational record data from a filtering and searching standpoint as states in the U.S. start consuming this data.

One Response to Education Taxonomy Being Developed for Learning Registry in U.S.

  • Madi Solomon

    Thanks Brian, and to all those who have waited patiently. My apologies for not keeping this as active as it deserves. It’s simply a matter of bandwidth for me and the demands of the day job.

    We have established a website for our shared vocabularies :

    The hope is to stabilise URIs for the terms and make them available as linked data. Any comments or help in realising this would be most appreciated.

    Meanwhile, I’m hoping that by the summer I may have more time to formally propose a unified way forward.

    Thank you for your patience and I hope that this inspires a self-organising momentum forward.



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