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Simple Classification Scheme for the Public Sector

The Spanish Government released a Technical Interoperability Standard on PSI reuse for all the Spanish public bodies. This document explains how to: identify Linked Data with URIs, publish catalog metadata based on DCAT, select the right formats using standards, choose an open license, etc. Among all these guidelines for exposing Open Data, there is a simple taxonomy of public sector themes which must be used for any public body.

This specification will enable interoperability not only in metadata usage, the scheme of themes will also contributes with the common classification of datasets. These are the concepts of the taxonomy:

Science and technology (including: Innovation, Research, R&D, Telecom, Internet and Information Society)
Trade (includes: Consumption)
Culture and entertainment (includes: Leisure)
Demographics (includes: Immigration and Emigration, Family, Women, Children, Seniors, Census)
Sports (includes: Facilities, Federations, Competitions)
Economics (includes: Debt, Money, Banking and Finance)
Education (includes: Training)
Employment (includes: Work, Labor Market)
Energy (includes: Renewables)
Finance (includes: Taxes)
Industry (includes: Mining)
Law and Justice (incluye: Register)
Environment (includes Meteorology, Geography, Wildlife conservation)
Rural (includes: Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry)
Public Sector (includes: Budgets, Institutional organization, Internal law, Public Services)
Security (includes: Civil protection, Defense)
Society and Welfare (includes: Citizen Participation, Active Ageing, Independence and Dependency, Disability, Retirement, Insurance and Pensions, Benefits and Grants)
Transportation (includes: Communications and Traffic)
Tourism (includes: Accommodation, Restaurants)
Urbanism and infrastructure (including: Public Sanitation, Construction [infrastructure, public facilities])
Housing (includes: Real Estate, Construction [homes])

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