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Minutes of teleconference held on 6th July 2012

Minutes of teleconference held on 6/7/2012

Attendees: Guenter Klas (GK), Philipp Hoschka (PH), Ian Panel (IP), Bryan Sullivan (BS) and Kamran Kordi (KK)

KK provided an overview of the CG ‘s mission and its background. It was emphasised that the CG’s mission is to consider GSMA’s base document and its accompanying update proposal with the view to provide further input for developing version 2 of the document.
In summary, CG’s output would be a set of complementary proposals to be considered by GSMA when updating the base document. The target date of end of August 2012 to provide the final input to the CG was also highlighted.
The attendees discussed means and ways of making the CG more appealing to the wider developer community and the following action items were adopted.

1) To place GSMA’s base document on the Wiki page to make it readily available for commenting as compared with downloading the PDF file. IP to provide a word version to enable document’s cut and paste to the Wiki (IP)
2) Current GSMA’s proposal for updating the document to be placed on the WikI as its current word document needs to be downloaded by participants (KK)
3) PH to use the current W3C’s mailing channel and its home page blog to advertise CG’s presence and purpose (PH)
4) A list of companies who are considered to be trend setters with the developer communities to be placed on the Wiki with the view to approach them and enlist their support (KK)

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