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Co-chair meeting minutes: May 10, 2022


Pull request #282 which addresses the proposal for styling of MNX elements (issue #263) has been merged. You can read the specification for the style element here, and Adrian has also provided some examples of styling:

In addition, Adrian has written an algorithm for resolving which styles apply to a particular element (found here under Algorithm for calculating an element’s applied styles).

The work to date specifies the infrastructure for styling, but at the present time, the only actual style property that is defined in the specification is color. Adrian has created issue #283 to capture initial discussion about the style properties that should be added; as consensus emerges, we will then create separate issues to capture the specification of individual style properties. Adrian proposes that the next style property that we should fully specify should be for specification of the music font.

As previously discussed, Adrian also plans to start drawing out ideas for how to specify the differences between score and part layouts (issue #34). Work on this larger issue can proceed in parallel with considerations for specific style properties.

TPAC 2022 meeting

This year’s W3C TPAC will be taking place in Vancouver, Canada from 12-16 September 2022 as a hybrid event, mixing in-person and virtual attendees. We are considering requesting a slot in the schedule for Thursday 15 September 2022, so that our Community Group meeting for this year would take place at TPAC as it did last year. We have to submit our proposal within the next two weeks, so if you have any strong objections to our meeting taking place at TPAC or on this date, please post to the public-music-notation-contrib mailing list as soon as possible. We anticipate that we three co-chairs would be attending virtually rather than travelling to Vancouver, but if you would be interested in attending the conference in person, please also let us know via the mailing list.

We will finalise our decision at the next meeting of the co-chairs in two weeks’ time, so please provide your feedback as soon as possible.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 24 May 2022.

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