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Co-chair meeting: November 22, 2021

Group charter update

Michael has produced a draft of the updated Community Group charter that is now ready for review, which you can read here. If you want to compare the revised version with the current version, you can click here. The revisions extend the scope of the Community Group’s work to include the proposed new musical instrument data project, updating the description of the MNX specification to reflect the current status, updated information about the deliverables produced by the Community Group, and made some smaller edits that reflect the current working practices of the group.

To comment on the revised charter, please send an email to the public-music-notation-contrib mailing list (archives here). We apologise in advance for the higher than usual traffic on this mailing list, but this is a crucial step in the work of the community group, so we ask for your forbearance.

Please make any comments about the proposed revisions via the mailing list by Monday 6 December 2021. We plan to start the 30-day election process to approve the revised charter later that week, with the aim of having the revised charter approved early in January 2022.


A proposal for uniform style properties for MNX has been put forward by Joe Berkovitz (issue #263) that has generated some excellent feedback, and since this is an area of particular importance it would be great to have more contributions from other group members.

Another issue that has been actively discussed recently concerns re-use of element names in different contexts (issue #265): it appears that this will be not only potentially confusing but will also present serious obstacles for code-generation based on the XML schema. The proposed solution is to rename the elements, and Adrian will put forwards a concrete proposal.

Adrian continues to make progress on the project to audit the old specification document to bring things over to the new specification (issue #253), and to build a list of elements proposed in the original specification that are insufficiently concrete to be moved over as-is, or have been decided not to be done in MNX 1.0. Adrian is close to completing this task now.

Musical instrument data

Michael and Daniel met last week with Jeremy Sawruk and Simon Smith, who have expressed an interest in co-editing the proposed musical instrument data specification that is currently under discussion. The co-chairs would still welcome hearing from anybody who would be interested in taking on any part of the responsibilities for editing this specification, or potentially helping out in ancillary ways such as building software tools to manage and marshall the required data. If you might be interested, please contact Daniel via email.

The project cannot move forwards formally until the charter revision has been approved, but assuming it does so, the plan will be to bring together the co-chairs and the parties interested in playing a role in co-editing the specification together to start drafting a set of use cases that can be discussed by the wider community group and which will eventually form the basis of scoping the new project.

Date of next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting will be on Tuesday 7 December 2021.

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