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Co-chair meeting: November 9, 2021

Community Group Charter revision

Michael’s current plan for revising the Community Group Charter is to create a new page for the revised Charter in the wiki, starting with the existing Charter and then revising it on the wiki so that there is a good audit trail for the changes.

Approving the Charter requires an election process and requires a two-thirds majority of votes cast to secure the approval. The co-chairs are considering how to conduct this election and are considering using the wiki for the election process as well.

Michael aims to complete the process of revising the Charter, including the 30-day election process, by early January 2022.


There has been a lot of discussion on a wide variety of issues since the Community Group meeting.

Adrian has already brought over a number of the algorithms from the original specification into the new specification, and aims to bring over the remaining small details from the original specification to the new one by 12 November, so that the old specification can be properly deprecated. As part of this process, Adrian has implemented some changes to the docgenerator tool to allow nicer formatting of the algorithms that are used to describe the micro-syntaxes in the specification.

Adrian is also devoting some time to tending to the open issues and in particular to breaking down larger issues into more atomic, actionable ones, in the service of moving towards a definitive list of tasks for the version 1.0 specification milestone.

We are also interested in exploring the use of GitHub Discussions as a means of allowing more detailed discussion that spans multiple issues. Adrian will look in more detail at the capabilities of the Discussions feature and determine whether or not it seems suitable for our use.

The default branch in the MNX repository has been renamed to main (issue #233).

Instrument data

The proposal that the Community Group should take on an additional project of building a database of structured data about musical instruments was received enthusiastically at the most recent meeting. The first step towards this is to update the Charter to include this project as within the scope of the Community Group’s areas of work, which Michael is taking care of.

Two people have so far expressed an interest in becoming editor or co-editor of the new specification. The co-chairs will schedule meetings with these people to explore this further soon.

In the meantime, if any other group members are interested in taking on the role of editor or co-editor, please let the co-chairs know.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting will be on Monday 22 November 2021.

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