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New MusicXML 4.0 Draft Report

A new draft of the MusicXML 4.0 Community Group Report has been published and is ready for review at

Since the previous draft, we have added examples for all MusicXML elements*, added a version history, and updated the tutorial based on Jeremy Sawruk’s review. Adrian Holovaty has fixed all known issues with the documentation generator, so everything now be accurate.

There is a lot of documentation here so we expect there are still some errors left to find and documentation to be clarified. Any reviews of this draft over the rest of this week will be much appreciated. If you find a problem or have a suggestion, please raise an issue at

We are still planning to publish the final version of the report in one week’s time on June 1. Thank you for any assistance you can provide in our final week of work on this new MusicXML update.

*Except for deprecated elements and the other- extension elements.

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