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Minutes (1st November 2021)

Meeting: Merchant Community Group
Date: 1st November 2021
Chair: John O’Brien
Scribe: Nick Telford-Reed


Nick Telford-Reed
Michael Smith [he|him]
Karen Myers
Monica Gullickson – Best Buy
Matt Orr (Clover) (matthew.orr)
Phil Archer (GS1 Global Office)
John O Brien
David Ezell
Gabriel Bolu
Eric O’Brien (MAG) (Eric O’Brien)
Lucca Bevan
Peter Cohen
Dan Druta
Robert Savage
Manish Garg
Laura Townsend
Darrell DeMaura – TJX
Bryan Luo
Rob Goldberg (Universal)
Karina Bellorin (MAG)
John O Brien
Cihan Duezguen


Link to video:


John O’Brien introduced the session and welcomed new attendees

Gabriel Bolu presented on Buy Now Pay Later

David Ezell: Who pays for BNPL solutions? Is it the merchant or the consumer?

Gabriel: In the typical paid for model where you pay for instalments, for example, the merchant, the provider will charge the merchant a fee.

Eric O’Brien: On the topic of fees, I think another thing that’s a consideration and a challenge for merchants, too, is in those in store environments, where they are you where consumers are using a virtual card. The merchant is in addition to paying the provider fee, they’re also paying the interchange on that virtual card. It’s really important for merchants to be doing a full ROI, because in addition to the fee, they may also be paying the the underlying interchange.

Lucca Bevan presented on Non-Fungible Tokens

Manish Garg: It was a great presentation. What I’ve heard is in the in the fashion world. They are everybody looking about NFTs. They want to create NFTs, the margins are not so high anymore. And they looking forward for a new way of how they can get more value on transactions. So it makes absolute sense. So I totally agree.

Phil Archer: Traceability is a huge issue, the biggest problem we have is that nobody in the chain from manufacturer through transport and logistics to the retailer, is prepared to share any data with each other at all. Is this a way to get round the fact that they might share one up on one down, but finding the actual traceability from start to finish is essentially blocked by every commercial interest along the chain?

Lucca: The thing is, with these tokens you can include any metadata that you would like, so you could include the warehouse location, or thethe journey, but it sounds like that’s not necessarily something that the chain wants to include today. But you can still include timestamps of when something was created

Michael Smith: there’s a fellow who who reports into my group named Dave Straus, who is comprehensively digging into NFTs and I’d very interested in connecting you with him for the purpose of Hearst magazine research in this if you’re receptive to that.

Lucca: Yes please connect me.

Nick Telford-Reed presented on Secure Payment Confirmation

Katie Haritos-Shea: Is this envisaged as another spec?

Nick: Yes. It’s building on webauthn, and some accommodation has been made for it in 3DS 2.3

Ian Jacobs: The last slide showed other experiments happening. The Adyen Airbnb experiment started about 10 days ago. So that one’s live. I’m anticipating a further Stripe experiment. It’ll start in about a month. So that’ll be our third experiment. As Nick said, our goal is for SPC to be available across different payment methods. And so we’re having lots of conversations with other parties, proprietary systems, and open banking and other card network related system. Real transactions are happening with SPC right now. And it’s shipping in Chrome 95. And it’s part of the 3ds 2.3 spec

Next Meeting: November 30th 2021

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