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Group formed for Markdown

Based on a
post by Jeff Atwood, where he introduces his ideas for standardizing
Markdown for the future.

Quote I don’t want to extend Markdown by adding tons of crazy new
functionality, or radically change the way it currently works, or
anything like that. I’d be opposed to such changes. I just want to
solidify and standardize the simple, useful version of Markdown that
is working so well for everyone right now. I want there to be an
unambiguous, basic standard that everyone using Markdown can expect to
work in the same way across all web sites in the world when they begin

2 Responses to Group formed for Markdown

  • Has there been any additional progress on this beyond forming the group?


  • Am wondering about that too. There hasn’t really been any movement so far.

    In regards to the distrust to complexity in markdown. I think a solution to this issue would be to provide ‘levels’ of markdown.


    Markdown Core : For the purist, and quick small parsers. ( Most close to original specs )

    Markdown Extra : For those that need to be able to do more than the core. Implements most common extended features.

    Markdown Complete : Aimed at those that are actually writing large documents, and books. Supports “external” includes.

    Markdown Experimental : Used by those wanting to experiment with new syntax, and provide feedback on which is best for daily work.

    The idea is that by having a basic markdown core syntax, that can be extended as needed, you can cover most use cases.


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