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Maps4HTML is on GitHub

There is a new Maps4HTML organization on GitHub, dedicated to the use of the Maps For HTML Community Group.  Every member of this Community Group has received an invitation to join the members team on that organization.  Members can create repos associated to the organization.

A key factor in the success of any Web standard is community.  To that end, if you accept the invitation to join the Maps4HTML community on GitHub, please consider making that fact public.  Your presence on the front page of the organization will help drive other interested people and companies to join us.

The objective of the Maps4HTML organization on Github is to help us collaborate not just on ideas, but on actual specification and implementations of those ideas.   You will find a few repos already there which may help stimulate more ideas and prototyping.  Go for(k) it!

Please feel free to discuss existing repos either as issues or on the Web Incubator Community Group Discourse forum for Web mapping.  Demonstrating community support for a standard is as important as specifications and implementations.

Let’s get the geo-Web moving again!


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