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Draft JSON-LD-star specification

The JSON for Linking Data Community Group has released the first draft of JSON-LD-star. This describes a mechanism for extending JSON-LD to support RDF-star graphs including extensions to the Expansion, Compaction, Flatting, From RDF, and To RDF algorithms.

JSON-LD-star allows both annotations and embedded nodes to represent statements about links in a linked data graph, similar to the way that Labeled-Property Graphs can have attributes on links.

For example:

  "@context": {
    "@base": "",
    "@vocab": ""
  "@id": "bob",
  "age": {
    "@value": 42,
    "@annotation": {
      "certainty": 0.8

Annotates the link “bob age 42” with “certainty 0.8”.

The group invites comments on GitHub issues.

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