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Taking the reductive approach

I think a good approach to this is to take an established spec like CSS 2, and take a reductive approach. Many of the reasons we have problems with email design centers not around a lack of consensus on what to include, but rather what to exclude in the name of security/experience.

For instance, i’ve yet to see a solid use case for interactivity in email beyond the basics and things like video. Hamburger menus and progressive disclosure are fun tech experiments but they come with usability and security issues so I suggest we selectively exclude this kind of thing.

4 Responses to Taking the reductive approach

  • Hello Sam,

    I agree with your reductive approach but the first thing which came to me is : How about large images ?
    Several mail clients don’t like the max-width, min-width.
    A little of media queries is necessary. Isn’t it ?


  • oh yes definately! CSS3 would need to be included, but I think things like flex boxes etc.. aren’t so neccesary.


  • Flexbox is just a layout tool in CSS, I don’t see why you wouldn’t include it. It poses no security threat. If the rendering engine is one of the older ones (like IE6) then it makes sense that you can’t use Flexbox. But if we’re talking about a standardized approach going forward – why not include it?


  • Sam Sexton

    Yes I agree, it’s lower priority but it should be in there.


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