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Getting going

Following the latest discussion thread in the HTML Working Group about HTML as used in email, this group has been set up as a place to get work done. Happily, people haven’t sat around waiting for someone else to start, so feel free to ignore this post and head to the mailing list archive, or log in and start editing the Wiki… There are many potential topics in the area of HTML for email, including:

  • What HTML (and beyond – SVG, script, etc) works in which clients?
  • How to generate HTML for email
  • Accessibility, Security, Internationalisation, …
  • How do we improve the situation
  • What clients are people using, anyway?

There is also quite a lot of work that has been done over the years. We’ll try to collect stuff in our Wiki, and hopefully get enough done to produce one or more “CG report”s, but a couple of starting points include:

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