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Games CG – 2020 edition

The Games Community Group was created end of 2011, following a W3C workshop on Web games organized in Warsaw, Poland. The group investigating game needs for a few years, the Web platform evolved to address most of these needs, and the group progressively became dormant, patiently waiting for a wake up signal…

A second W3C Workshop on Web Games, organized in 2019 in Seattle, USA, provided the wake up signal and the group is now back to life, exploring new (and remaining!) pain points for Web game developers, and reviewing Web technology proposals that could impact games.

The Games Community Group met (online) in October 2020 during W3C TPAC event (see Summary of TPAC Web Games CG email in the archives of the group’s mailing-list).

Are you willing to improve the quality of open Web standards that developers rely on to create games? Please come and join!

The group uses the HTML5 Web Gaming Standards discussion forum as well as its public mailing-list (with public archives) for discussions. Calls are organized once every two months or so, check the mailing-list for announcements!

One Response to Games CG – 2020 edition

  • I hope the gaming group will be more active in future so that we as a team can benefit from each other. HTML5 web gaming standards discussion forum should add value.


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