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Kicking off

Many thanks to those who have signed up to the XDMDL group. This post gives some details about how I propose to run the group.


I have set up a Confluence Wiki at http://wiki.saltis.org. Material for this group is in the XDMDL space (click on the link at the left had side of the dashboard).

Guests can browse most of the material on the wiki, except for details of group members and joining instructions for the calls. They cannot add, edit or delete anything.

If members of the XDMDL group send me their email addresses, I can send you a log-in for the wiki. Take a moment to look at the Help space (left hand side of the dashboard) which gives some more information about how I have organised the wiki.

The wiki is running a slightly old version of Confluence. When I have a couple of days to spare, I will try and upgrade to the most recent version. In the meantime, I have not been able to configure the email functionality – so do not expect the wiki to keep you updated yet.

I propose that we should work on the draft using Word files using Tracked Changes. I have posted the first instalment of the draft to the wiki (see http://wiki.saltis.org/display/XDMDL/Section+1). It is a largish file, as I have embedded fonts – but we can discuss how we want to do this on the calls. It may be that, with the most recent version of Confluence, drafting on the wiki itself might be practical.


I propose to have weekly calls on Fridays at 1500 GMT, 1600 CET. Because UK summer time is out-of sync with US summer time, that makes it 1100 EDT for the time being – but it will soon go back to 1000 EDT again.

Our first call will be this Friday, 20 March. I propose to take half the call discussing the kick-off, and half making a start running through my straw-man proposal for XDMDL. I suspect that it will take a further two calls to complete discussion of the straw man, after which people can get out their torches.

Joining instructions have been circulate on the public email reflector and are available to members of the group on the wiki.

Email reflector

Our main email reflector is public-xdmdl@w3c.org. Please use this if your want to communicate with the rest of the group, and particularly if you do not yet have a login to the wiki.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

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