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HTML Resource and Archive APIs proposal

Hi everyone,
this is Mr. “no one” and is here to propose two new HTML APIs; one to manage network resources inside JavaScript programs, and another one that allows I/O operations with compressed files. For example.

<resource src="file:///C:/" dst="" id="images" onLoadEnd="download_Or_Upload_Complete_Stopped();" load></resource>

For more details visit; it is an HTML document with examples of the Resource and Archive APIs.

However, to propose it in a formal way there is to open a new group  with at least four people. Do you want to help? Do you want to improve it? Do you…; what do you want to do?


Mr. “no one”

5 Responses to HTML Resource and Archive APIs proposal

  • Hi, I have updated the document to version 2.0 with slight changes. I am still waiting to get your perspective.


  • Hi,
    I want to update the proposal. There is need of.

    – A network chat example;
    – Methods that allow to access for example response header from the server for both source and destination. To read “Set-Cookie” field for example;
    – Methods that set separate timeout and attempts for both source and destination;
    – A method that returns the protocol version implemented by the browser;
    – A method that tells the API to close the connection at the end of the data transfer;
    – A method that returns the API version;
    – To fix English errors;
    – Any new idea?

    I will wait for you for 3 days; do you want to help? If so, get in touch; otherwise I will update the document alone. Thanks.

    Even Senegal spammers are welcome.


  • A new version of the proposal is coming, stay in touch.


  • Hi, the 3.0 proposal will be released on February 24, 2014. Thanks.


  • Hi, long time has gone since the last update; there are a couple of things that I want to add to the Resource API, but more important I want to implement the introduced APIs. I don’t know how much time will take… See you later.


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