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The Web, notes and civic participation

In addition to the Internet-enhanced desktop applications for questionnaires, surveys and opinion polling, productivity software topics are applicable to civics and civic participation and can convenience rational individual decision making and group decision making including voting.

Understanding civics and civic participation to be amongst the tasks of software users, including during and between election seasons, computer software, notes software, calendar software, productivity software, personal information management software, can convenience users and research topics overlap with those of human-computer interaction.

Topical is facilitating the noting of content and the organizing of and use of notes. Ergonomics topics include the ease of noting content in Web browsers and implementation topics include the interoperability between browsers and notes and productivity software. Multimedia technology topics include speech recognition, electronic notetaking, transcription software, online video formats and tracks, captioning and subtitles, multiple devices and second screen scenarios.

During campaign seasons, for each election and for each ballot issue interesting and relevant to users, users can note content, news articles, webpages and multimedia content, and can comment about content with their notes and comments later available for uses including review before voting. Users can do so, in a civic participation capacity, both during and between election campaign seasons.

Software users can dynamically indicate specific topics interesting to them and those topics can be of use in indexing, organizing and navigating their noted content. Users’ notes can be navigable with multiple visualizations (e.g. topic-based and calendar-based). Users’ notes can be indexed by candidates, ballot issues, keywords and the topics which interest users, so that each user, each voter, can make use of their notes conveniently.

On the topic of opinion polling, lists of topics interesting to users can be an opinion polling topic, empowering users while additionally conveniencing journalists and candidates.

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