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  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux's profile picture

    Dominique Hazaël-Massieux



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    Madilyn (@HackerOne)


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    Owen Ambur

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Paolo Baggia's profile picture

    Paolo Baggia

    Nuance Communications, Inc.

  • Philipp Cimiano's profile picture

    Philipp Cimiano

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with CITEC, University of Bielefeld

  • Bev Corwin's profile picture

    Bev Corwin

    Individual CLA commitment

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    William Cunningham

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Nick Doty's profile picture

    Nick Doty

    Center for Democracy and Technology

  • Michael Downey's profile picture

    Michael Downey

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with United Nations

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    Ben Friedman


  • Renato Iannella's profile picture

    Renato Iannella

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Antoine Isaac's profile picture

    Antoine Isaac

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Vrije Universiteit

  • Semih KILIÇ's profile picture

    Semih KILIÇ

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Jarred McGinnis's profile picture

    Jarred McGinnis

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Gerald Oskoboiny's profile picture

    Gerald Oskoboiny


  • Marco Pai's profile picture

    Marco Pai

    TianChao Times (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Nicklas Pousette

    Stiftelsen for internetinfrastruktur (IIS)

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    Syeda Rasool

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Sergio Rojas

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Jean-Guilhem Rouel's profile picture

    Jean-Guilhem Rouel


  • Crystal Scott's profile picture

    Crystal Scott

    Access2online Inc.

  • Peter Shikli's profile picture

    Peter Shikli

    Access2online Inc.

  • Adam Sobieski's profile picture

    Adam Sobieski

    Phoster, Inc

  • Kristian Sons's profile picture

    Kristian Sons

    German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Gmbh

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    Josh Soref

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Sorin Stefan

    Individual CLA commitment

  • No Photo


    Individual CLA commitment

  • Raj Tumuluri's profile picture

    Raj Tumuluri

    Openstream, Inc.

  • Mohamed ZERGAOUI's profile picture

    Mohamed ZERGAOUI