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  • Alexandre Plennevaux's profile picture

    Alexandre Plennevaux

    École Supérieure d'Infographie Albert Jacquard

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    Rémy Saint Cricq


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    Koray Alkan

  • David Berman's profile picture

    David Berman

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    Geri Coady

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    Michael Cooper


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    David Dunbar

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    Amy Everett

  • Robert Fentress's profile picture

    Robert Fentress

    Virginia Tech

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    David Gutierrez

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    Vincent Humeau

    The New York Times

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    Joël Jacob

    École Supérieure d'Infographie Albert Jacquard

  • Huguette JEAN-FRANCOIS's profile picture

    Huguette JEAN-FRANCOIS

    Innovation & Creation Lab

  • Pooja Nahata's profile picture

    Pooja Nahata

  • Tomislav Novak's profile picture

    Tomislav Novak

    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics

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    einvein prunella

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    satyam satyam

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    Andrew Somers

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    Duc Ta

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    David Vosnacos