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The Czech Traffic Management Revolution – a golden opportunity for the exploitation of Big Data technology

One of the best parts of working on innovation projects is meeting inspiring people who pursue ideas revolutionizing industries in ways that only a few years ago seemed impossible.

What if you could create a precise, real-time map of the traffic on your country’s roads and present it in a way anyone can understand?

Traffic management revolution seems apt.

Make way for the RODOS Transport Systems Development Centre, a platform of professionals from academia, private companies as well as public administration working in applied transport research with a specific focus on road transport monitoring and control. In other words, they make it easier and faster for you and I to get around, in the Czech Republic.

The centre uses three primary data sources: floating car data obtained from three fleets, covering about 5% of the traffic flow; an electronic toll system covering over 1000 km-s of motorways producing over 7 million transaction data every day; and classic detector networks such as radars and cameras. All these are fed into Salomon, a supercomputer that then analyses and interprets the various data and produces information and insight of the nation’s roads.

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