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How Smart Green, and Integrated Transport benefit from Big Data – a Stakeholders Workshop

Over 30 participants attended the first BigDataEurope workshop dedicated to the societal challenge of Smart Green, and Integrated Transport in Bordeaux on 7 October 2015.

The overarching aim of the workshop was to define the requirements necessary for big data management in the intelligent transport domain.  The theme itself calls for a variety of topics and the workshop was glad to host speakers from various backgrounds be it policy, industry, research institutions or universities who presented on a wide range of topics ranging from the role of social media in transport, through open logistics and traffic management to data analyses techniques.

The workshop revealed that big data with regard to the transport hold considerable benefits for citizens with new and better services in transport, for society at large with for example a more environmental traffic low, for the public sector with an optimisation of traffic management, and for service providers for whom big data provides an important business opportunity. Big and open data also play an important role in how smart cities deploy and use ICT to enhance their transportation networks. Big data will for example lead to improved multi-source traffic and travel data availability and processing, and to tools to enhance multi-source traffic and travel data fusion for i.e. improved traffic and mobility management.

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