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Technique G194:Providing spell checking and suggestions for text input


This technique relates to all technologies.

This technique relates to:


In this technique spell checking and suggestions for text are provided. Often people with cognitive disabilities have trouble spelling a word, but may be able to get the spelling approximately correct. A spell checking program will save them time-consuming research on how to spell the word. This may also be true for blind and low vision users who might make a mistake when typing. It will also help people with dexterity disabilities who may be using a head pointer, or who may have scanning software which makes it very slow and difficult to type. A spell-checking solution that provides word suggestion(s) and a simple mechanism to select one and input it into the text input field provides important help for these users and others.


  • A search engine has a form field for search terms. When the form is submitted, a server-side application checks the spelling. If the spelling doesn't match any words for that language, it sends back a page with a text message at the top saying "Did you mean ..." with a link to the suggested word. If the user clicks on the link the suggested term is entered into the form field and is resubmitted.
  • An airline has a on online ticket purchasing application. When a user types the name of a city into the form field a dropdown menu shows the closest match to the city in the top of the menu and other suggestions below.



  1. Check that there is a form field on the page.
  2. Enter a misspelled word.
  3. Check that a suggested spelling is presented.
  4. Check that a mechanism is available to enter the suggested word into the form.

Expected Results

  • Checks #3 and #4 are true.
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