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Technique G193:Providing help by an assistant in the Web page


All technologies.

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The purpose of this technique is to provide help using a multimedia avatar that provides assistance in using the Web page. An avatar can be particularly helpful to people with cognitive disabilities who may have trouble reading text. The use of visuals will help some people to focus on the material presented.

The multimedia avatar must also satisfy relevant Success Criterion in Guideline 1.2.


  • The home page of an online banking application has an embedded avatar named Vanna. She gives new online banking clients a tour of the features provided in the application. The assistant can be started and stopped and paused. The client can rewind and fast forward through the material. A text alternative of the information is available from a link next to the avatar.
  • A volunteer site has a welcoming page for new volunteers. In it there is an application form. On the right side of the page there an interactive multimedia file with an avatar that explains all the features and sections of the application form.



  1. Check that there is an assistant in the Web page.
  2. Check that the assistant provides information to help understand the content of the page.

Expected Results

  • All of the above checks are true.
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