Understanding No Keyboard Trap

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Intent of No Keyboard Trap

The intent of this Success Criterion is to ensure that that content does not "trap" keyboard focus within subsections of content on a Web page. This is a common problem when multiple formats are combined within a page and rendered using plug-ins or embedded applications.

There may be times when the functionality of the Web page restricts the focus to a subsection of the content, as long as the user knows how to leave that state and "untrap" the focus.

Benefits of No Keyboard Trap

Examples of No Keyboard Trap

Resources for No Keyboard Trap

Techniques for No Keyboard Trap

Sufficient Techniques for No Keyboard Trap

  1. Ensuring that users are not trapped in content
  2. Preventing a keyboard trap in Flash content

Additional Techniques (Advisory) for No Keyboard Trap

Common Failures for No Keyboard Trap