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Technique F30:Failure of Success Criterion 1.1.1 and 1.2.1 due to using text alternatives that are not alternatives (e.g., filenames or placeholder text)


Applies to all technologies.

This technique relates to:


This describes a failure condition for all techniques involving text alternatives. If the text in the "text alternative" cannot be used in place of the non-text content without losing information or function then it fails because it is not, in fact, an alternative to the non-text content.


Example 1

Examples of text that are not text alternatives include:

  • placeholder text such as " " or "spacer" or "image" or "picture" etc that are put into the 'text alternative' location on images or pictures.
  • programming references that do not convey the information or function of the non-text content such as "picture 1", "picture 2" or "0001", "0002" or "Intro#1", "Intro#2".
  • filenames that are not valid text alternatives in their own right such as "Oct.jpg" or "Chart.jpg" or "sales\\oct\\top3.jpg"



  1. Check each text alternative to see if it is not actually a text alternative for the non-text content.

Expected Results

  • If step #1 is true then this failure condition applies and content fails the Success Criterion.
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