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Cognitive Accessibility Design Pattern: Provide a Login Alternative with Less Words

User Need

I need a login process I can use that does not rely on a lot of words (as someone with a severe language impairment).

What to Do

Provide at least one login alternative that does not require reading or writing a lot of words

How it Helps

This pattern allows people with language and communication disabilities to login without being overwhelmed by blocks of text.

For example, someone with a severe language impairment using an AAC device wants to send a message to their doctor. They can press the login with the icon they know and send a message without having to read text.



  1. Third party logins which have well known icons.
  2. The web authentication protocol [[webauthn-2]] along with an easy login option.


  1. Logins that requires answering security questions.
  2. Logins without a simple, word free, login option, or alternative.

User Stories and Personas

User Story



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