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Cognitive Accessibility Design Pattern: Allow the User a Simple, Single Step, Login

User Need

I need the login process to be simple, and not multi-step.

What to Do

Provide a simple, single-step alternative for logins.

How it Helps

A simple login allows people with impaired executive function or impaired memory to use applications. This is especially important for users who become confused or overwhelmed with multi-step processes. For example, a user with traumatic brain injury wishes to use a site for online banking. They may have put their finger on a fingerprint scanner to authenticate who they are. Other examples include some third party logins.



  1. Easy third party logins as an option.
  2. The web authentication protocol [[webauthn-2]] with a single step method that matches your security needs.


  1. All login methods involving multiple steps.

User Stories and Personas

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