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Current Work

Currently WAI-TIES is working on the following documents in coordination with the Education and Outreach Working Group:


Documents (developed through the Education and Outreach Working Group)

WAI-TIES Updates (electronic newsletters)

WAI-TIES Updates contain information about WAI activities in Europe, and resources of potential interest to the European community.

Best Practice Exchanges (training)

WAI-TIES held five Best Practices Exchange (BPE) trainings. The objectives of these trainings was to increase expertise in Web site evaluation, retrofitting, and development. Materials from the training sessions are linked below:


WAI-TIES is a European Commission IST Accompanying Measure whose goal is to increase accessibility of the Web for people with disabilities in European Union Member States. This objective is accomplished by supporting and accompanying the technical and guidelines development work done at W3C WAI with training, education, and implementation support activities that are specific to the European context.

The project was planned during the first half of 2002 and officially started on October 1st 2002. W3C/ERCIM is the primary partner and BrailleNet as a subcontractor. The project runs for 36 months and has 5 main objectives for increasing the accessibility of the Web within European Union Member States:

WAI-TIES Staff & Subcontractor

Description of work

Part of the official Technical annex of the contract signed in September 2002 is available online (Note that this has since been amended)