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Meter Pattern

Meter Pattern

About This Pattern

A meter is a graphical display of a numeric value that varies within a defined range. For example, a meter could be used to depict a device's current battery percentage or a car's fuel level.


  • A meter should not be used to represent a value like the current world population since it does not have a meaningful maximum limit.
  • The meter should not be used to indicate progress, such as loading or percent completion of a task. To communicate progress, use the progressbar role instead.


Meter Example

Keyboard Interaction

Not applicable.

WAI-ARIA Roles, States, and Properties

  • The element serving as the meter has a role of meter.
  • The meter has aria-valuenow set to a decimal value between aria-valuemin and aria-valuemax representing the current value of the meter.
  • The meter has aria-valuemin set to a decimal value less than aria-valuemax.
  • The meter has aria-valuemax set to a decimal value greater than aria-valuemin.
  • Assistive technologies often present aria-valuenow as a percentage. If conveying the value of the meter only in terms of a percentage would not be user friendly, the aria-valuetext property is set to a string that makes the meter value understandable. For example, a battery meter value might be conveyed as aria-valuetext="50% (6 hours) remaining".
  • If the meter has a visible label, it is referenced by aria-labelledby on the element with role meter. Otherwise, the element with role meter has a label provided by aria-label.
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