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Alert and Message Dialogs

About This Pattern

An alert dialog is a modal dialog that interrupts the user's workflow to communicate an important message and acquire a response. Examples include action confirmation prompts and error message confirmations. The alertdialog role enables assistive technologies and browsers to distinguish alert dialogs from other dialogs so they have the option of giving alert dialogs special treatment, such as playing a system alert sound.


Alert Dialog Example: A confirmation prompt that demonstrates an alert dialog.

Keyboard Interaction

See the keyboard interaction section for the modal dialog pattern.

WAI-ARIA Roles, States, and Properties

  • The element that contains all elements of the dialog, including the alert message and any dialog buttons, has role alertdialog.
  • The element with role alertdialog has either:
    • A value for aria-labelledby that refers to the element containing the title of the dialog if the dialog has a visible label.
    • A value for aria-label if the dialog does not have a visible label.
  • The element with role alertdialog has a value set for aria-describedby that refers to the element containing the alert message.
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