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This wiki is about forms for the web. Use this wiki to find out more, and to share what you know.

Forms Working Group

XForms Users Community Group

The XForms Users Community Group is a place for XForms users to discuss XForms usage and document current practice, including XForms+XHTML integration and test suites. The XForms Users Community Group is under same IPR policy as the Forms WG so we can accept test cases, suggested features, and draft prose from the group.

XForms: The Next Generation of Web Forms

"XForms" is W3C's name for a specification of Web forms that can be used with a wide variety of platforms including desktop computers, hand helds, information appliances, and even paper.

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W3C XForms Recommendations and Drafts

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XForms Weblog and portal Sites

Books and Wikis on XForms 1.0

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Kurt Cagle's Six Part Series on Understanding XForms

XForms Annotations

Annotations - how the XForms textarea element can be extended to support editing complex content.

XForms Tree Controls Extensions

Tree Controls - a discussion of how XForms could include bindings to tree-view like controls

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