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Here are short announcements related to the technical results produced by the W3C Forms Working group. These can include announcements about new or upgraded implementations, deployments that use XForms, new or updated technical reports or errata, and so forth.

Working group members may add news items. Announcements from community members not on the working group should be directed to and cc'd to the working group chair as a request for an announcement. All announcements should be brief, in the style shown below, and often contain a link to more detailed information.

Upcoming talks on XHTML and XForms

  • As of 2008, News has been moved back to the Forms working group home page
  • 2008-02-06: The Mozilla XForms Project released version 0.8.4! This release fixes some bugs and adds the following additional XForms 1.1 functionality:
    • xforms-submit-serialize event,
    • Context and origin attributes for insert and delete,
    • Conditional and iterate execution of actions ('if' and 'while'),
    • The local-date(), local-dateTime() and event() functions,
    • Changed the now() function for updated XForms 1.1 behavior.
  • 2008-01-07: Yahoo! announced its strategy to foster a mobile ecosystem and deliver the best mobile internet experience to billions of consumers. The underlying technology for delivering on this strategy is the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Platform, which includes XForms.
  • 2007-11-29: XForms 1.1 is now a Candidate Recommendation. Many implementations already support a number of XForms 1.1 features, as described in the preliminary implementation report. In the upcoming months, implementers from the working group will be working on their implementation reports, which are needed to advance to Proposed Recommendation.
  • 2007-11-29: PicoForms has released the first public beta version of PicoForms Internet Edition - an XForms processor for Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 6 and 7). PicoForms is now able to offer its customers an extensive range of client solutions. For more information go to [1].
  • 2007-11-6: SATEC has released DataMovil 3.0. DataMovil is a platform for the development and deployment of mobile enterprise applications. It includes a XForms engine. The new version offers a new client for CLDC/MIDP 2.0 devices tested for Nokia Serie 60 and Blackberry handsets, in addition to the PDA/Windows Mobile, UMPC´s and TabletPC version. For more information, go to [2].
  • 2007-10-29: XForms 1.0 Third Edition is now a W3C Recommendation. This version of the specification contains 343 "diffs" that have significantly hardened XForms for enterprise deployment. The diff-marked version of the specification appears here.
  • 2007-10-12: IDEAlliance has now announced the XForms Evening at the XML Conference. This event brings together a number of the leaders in the XForms community to present the business value of XForms, including design experience, end-to-end solution development, case studies and driving business value through Web 2.0 integration. The session culminates in a keynote address by Elliotte Rusty Harold, who offers his vision and advice on the future of XForms.
  • 2007-10-03: The XForms test-suite has been updated to XForms 3rd Edition.
  • 2007-09-30: IBM ships Lotus Forms 3.0, an XForms-enabled product suite that includes a visual forms design experience, a web browser plugin run-time, and a web server run-time that provides XForms functionality to web browser clients using HTML and AJAX. The product line includes support for XForms 1.0 as well as more features from XForms 1.1. Click the link above for details, demos and trial downloads.
  • 2007-08-24: Ltd. announces a new beta of its XForms processor, formsPlayer. Version 1.5 is significantly faster than previous releases, and packed with more features, so we'd suggest that developers start using the new beta when testing. formsPlayer supports all of the XForms 1.0 specification and most of XForms 1.1. It can run as a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and can also be embedded in standalone desktop applications.
  • 2007-08-01: PicoForms announces the release of its XForms Voice Engine, which allows customers to deploy XForms with speech recognition and voice output. The engine can be accessed through a telephone, so it complements PicoForms existing product line, which include XForms engines for mobile devices and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Now customers have the ability to deploy XForms applications on desktop browsers, mobile phones and PDA's and through voice response, as phone applications.
  • 2007-07-25: The Forms Working Group has published XForms 1.0 Third Edition as a Proposed Edited Recommendation. Comments are welcome on the specification until 31 August 2007, after which it will be submitted to the W3C Advisory Committee as the third edition of the XForms 1.0 Recommendation.
  • 2007-06-27: PicoForms announces its intention to release an XForms plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7. For details please see [3]
  • 2007-04-25: IBM announces a new release of IBM Workplace Forms 2.7, which includes support for XForms 1.0 as well as advance support for some features of XForms 1.1. For details and trial edition downloads, please see [4]
  • 2007-04-10: The Last Call period for XForms 1.1 is extended to April 30, 2007.
  • 2007-04-02: Orbeon Forms 3.5.1 released. For details, see [5]
  • 2007-03-07: The rechartering of the Forms Working Group is completed!
  • 2007-02-22: XForms 1.1 is a last call working draft!
  • 2007-02-21: Please see this announcement for information on a new tutorial entitled Understanding XForms Submissions.
  • 2007-02-21: Please see this announcement for further information on the new release of Orbeon Forms 3.5.
  • 2007-02-13: Please see this announcement for information on a new tutorial entitled Understanding the XForms Dependency Engine.
  • 2007-01-24: FormFaces is now licensed freely under BSD allowing free copies, derivative work, and distribution for commercial purposes. The goals of this new licensing decision are to accelerate adoption of the XForms standard, eliminate legal entanglements, and improve security, reliability, capability and performance through community collaboration. See the FormsFaces downloads section for more information.
  • 2007-01-23: MozzIE 2.0 Beta 1 is available. MozzIE is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7 that allows the display of XHTML + XForms using the Mozilla Gecko 1.9 Rendering Engine.
  • 2007-01-23: A new Forms tutorial is available from Orbeon. Details are available in this blog entry. Orbeon Forms is an open source web forms solution that features an Ajax-based XForms engine.
  • 2006-12-18: A paper on Applying XML Signatures to XForms-based Documents now appears in the XML 2006 Conference Proceedings.
  • 2006-12-15: An updated version of errata to XForms 1.0 Second Edition has been published.
  • 2006-12-12: A new working draft of XForms 1.1 has been published. This is the first version of the specification that situates the additions and modifications of XForms 1.1 into the context of the full XForms language, which is the last major step on the march to a last call version of XForms 1.1.
  • 2006-11-14: A new version of FormsPlayer has been released. Please see this announcement for details about the new release.
  • 2006-11-03: A new working draft of XForms 1.1 has been published. It contains over 160 differences and approximately 33 percent more content than the prior working draft. This draft includes a more powerful submission module, improvements to several action elements, a number of new functions and refinements to event context information.
  • 2006-10-17: The Mozilla XForms project has announced version 0.7 of their XForms browser extension. For a complete list of supported features please see the release notes.
  • 2006-09-19: The Forms Working Group today issued a collection of errata to XForms 1.0 Second Edition.
  • 2006-09-05: Concentré 0.1.3 released. "Concentré" is an XForms/XML framework based on 3 differents projects : xslt2xforms, libxforms and on a MVC php 5 framework. The objective is to provide a complete xforms/xml toolbox based only on w3c standards.
  • 2006-08-09: Today Kurt Cagle completed his six part series on Understanding XForms. Kurt has also announced the XForms.Org website.
  • 2006-07-27: Mozilla XForms project announces preview release 0.6 of the Mozilla XForms extension.
  • 2006-07-14: a new working draft of XForms 1.1 has been published. An update to [2006/xforms-for-html-authors-part2.html XForms for HTML Authors, Part 2] has been published.
  • 2006-07-12: The Forms Working Group today issued a collection of errata to XForms 1.0 Second Edition. Further errata are anticipated in August.
  • 2006-06-27: IBM announces the XForms-enabled IBM Workplace Forms Product Line. This supports development and deployment of XForms-based pure XML forms. Trial versions are available, including an Eclipse-based visual design environment as well as a rich-client viewer (a desktop application and web browser plugin). The product suite includes a server component that delivers the form viewing and rich user experience with no client-side install. Forms can be developed in 26 languages.
  • 2006-04-28: SolidApp has released its source code as open source under MPL.
  • 2006-04-18: The Mozilla XForms project announces Mozilla XForms Extension Preview Release 0.5. You need to run Firefox or SeaMonkey 1.0.1 to use the extension. Details of what is supported are in the release notes.
  • 2006-03-14: XForms 1.0 Second Edition Is a W3C Recommendation. The World Wide Web Consortium today released XForms 1.0 Second Edition as a W3C Recommendation. The new generation of Web forms, XForms separate presentation and content, minimize round-trips to the server, offer device independence, and reduce the need for scripting. This second edition adds clarifications and corrects errors as reported in the first edition errata. Second edition publications include the following documents.
  • 21 January 2006: The proceedings of the XML conference are publicly available, which includes papers on XFDL + XForms and XSL-FO + XForms. These papers highlight how XForms is enabling increasingly sophisticated web applications that arise in financial/banking, insurance, health care, and enterprise information management.
  • 20 January 2006: A new version of FormsPlayer has been released. Please see the XForms Implementations for further details.
  • 15 January 2006: Orbeon PresentationServer (OPS) has been updated. Please see new details in the XForms Implementations section.

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