Forms Working Group

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The Forms Working Group is open to W3C members and invited experts.

The Working Group meets weekly by phone, and on irc on channel #forms.

FaceToFace meetings occur roughly every 3 months. We are especially interested in people with a rich experience in developing Web forms and supporting tools.

To join, ask your W3C Advisory Committee Representative to email the Working Group chairs and the W3C staff contact to confirm that your organization is prepared to commit the time and expense involved in participating in the Working Group. You will be expected to attend all Working Group meetings and to respond in a timely fashion to email requests.

The following organizations are currently participating in the Forms Working Group; CWI, DreamLab, IBM, Inventive Designers n.v., PicoForms, Orbeon, Progeny Systems, SATEC, Sun, ViewPlus Technologies, x-port, Xerox. Current Working Group Participants are:

  • Steven Pemberton, W3C/CWI (Activity Lead, W3C Team Contact)
  • John M. Boyer, IBM (Chair, Editor)
  • Blake Jones, DAISY Consortium and ViewPlus Technologies
  • Ulrich Nicolas Lissé, DreamLab
  • Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, DreamLab (Co-chair until 2003)
  • Joern Turner, DreamLab
  • T. V. Raman, Google
  • Keith Wells, IBM
  • Charlie Wiecha, IBM
  • Nick Van den Bleeken, Inventive Designers n.v.
  • Erik Bruchez, Orbeon
  • Kenneth Sklander, PicoForms
  • Susan Borgrink, Progeny Systems
  • Rafael Benito Ruiz de Villa, SATEC
  • Rogelio Pérez Cano, SATEC
  • Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
  • Mark Birbeck, Ltd. (Invited Expert)
  • Leigh L. Klotz, Jr., Xerox Corporation
  • Philip Fennell, MarkLogic Corporation
  • Kurt Cagle, XML Today (Invited Expert)
  • Dan McCreary, Dan McCreary & Associates (Invited Expert)