Help With XForms

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Help with XForms

If you need help with XForms, look here.

For Vendor / Processor-specific issues, please use the appropriate support list below.

There are many more implementations listed at XForms Implementations. (Implementors, please contact the Forms WG to get your resources listed here.)

XForms General Discussion

To discuss use-case, feature proposal, authoring, or general debugging issues with XForms, please use this mailing list:

An archive is available at

You might consider the Talk sections of the XForms Wikibook as well:

Vendor / Processor-Specific Discussion and Help Resources

For help and discussion of specific implementations of XForms, see these resources:

For authors:
For implementors:
EMC Formula
IBM Lotus Forms
Mozilla XForms Extension
Orbeon XForms
Ubiquity XForms
For authors:
For implementors:
For authors and implementors: