XForms Future Features

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XForms Future Features

Features that could make it into 2.0

Moved from Future_Goals

  • Better expression of default trigger
  • Better DOM interface to expose all actions and to query states of UI controls
  • AJAX programmer APIs (same as above?)
  • submissions that put and get binary resources
  • Ability to suppress RRRR on submission completion and/or initialization
  • Lazy authoring improvement: empty instance exists even if no refs
  • repeat and relevance/enabled/disabled (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-forms/2009Mar/0007.html)
  • submission to a "new" window
  • XML Events 2
  • Model improvements (optional, nested, external/src, exceptions)
  • UI event notification improvements
  • Revisit multiple instance delete issue
  • Setting event contextinfo as part of dispatch
  • Better upload control (better control of metadata, instant upload submission to server)
  • Better support for submission and model patterns for multipage web apps
  • Simplified repeat patterns
  • Refactor dependencies to detect automatic rebuild conditions and reduce circular dependencies
  • Consolidate recalculate and revalidate
  • Structural calculates (like declarative insert/delete)
  • XForms for HTML

Moved from XForms_Future_Features







XForms 3.0 Modularization

This includes new modules and refinement of some existing modules from XForms 1.2. New modules include the XML Signatures Module and the SCXML module. Refinements include updates to the Model module to allow pluggable schema engines and updates to the Instance module to allow pluggable reference engines and possibly data formats.