Need binary data support for submission data and submission result

From W3C XForms Group Wiki (Public)

We should be able to do a submission that returns an image. We should be able to rotate the image off to a local file, then put the URI of that file into an instance node. If the node is of type xsd:anyURI, then an output bound to the node should be able to show the image.

We should also have the alternative of asking that the binary be base64 or hex encoded, perhaps automatically based on the type of the submission target node. E.g. add replace="content" and let the submission processor figure out whether to encode it.

We should be able to do a submission whose only posted data is a binary resource like an image. Perhaps we get close enough with existing features that this latter part could be dropped.

If I do have a node that is base64 encoded, I want to be able to have it automatically decoded before submission, so it seems like there is something here.