Initial sending of MIP events

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Erik's note: part of larger "improved UI events" feature.

Original post from ErikBruchez:

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 17:16:38 +0200
Subject: LC: Initial sending of MIP events
From: "Erik Bruchez" <>


XForms 1.1 is much more specific than XForms 1.0 about sending MIP
events, in particular what events to send when controls become
relevant and non-relevant. This is good. The motivation for this was,
in my opinion, to make the MIP events actually useful, because they
now can be used to reliably track the status of controls.

However, there is one hole: the spec does not mention that any MIP
events should be sent during XForms engine initialization. In
particular, there is no initial xforms-refresh, or otherwise
requirement that MIP events should be dispatched upon initialization.

This means that it is currently not possible to determine the initial
status (in particular, validity) of the controls.

This affects for example the use case of creating an error summary
that tracks the validity of controls in your page.

I think that controls should initially dispatch MIP events so as to
make this use case possible.