XForms instance data module

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Elements: instance

Attributes: src, resource

Content: Any


  • xforms-insert
  • xforms-delete

would like to have xforms-value-changed notifications, but they really need to be queued up by recalculate so that the author can't use actions to participate in recalculation.

However, we have to solve this transactional queuing eventually because "structural constraints" feature in XForms 2.0+ will cause inserts and deletes to happen declaratively as part of a calculation of some kind.


  • setvalue
  • insert
  • delete

Conformance: src, resource should be should, not must

We won't do IDL for these modules now. But we got this far and will save for later.


  • dom::Document instance.getdocument()
  • void instance.setdocument(dom::Document)
    • esp. added so that external modules could call this as part of reset logic or after resolving src, inline content, resource
  • dom::String instance.getvalue(dom::Node node)
    • Returns empty string for null, coalesces text nodes
  • void instance.setvalue(dom::Node node, dom::String value)
  • void instance.insert(...)
    • Should mirror parameterization of insert action
  • void instance.delete(...)
    • Should mirror parameterization of delete action
  • void instance.replace(...)
    • Should address all replacement capabilities of submission in XForms 1.1

What about xforms:bind instead of ref/nodeset?