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This page provides some instructions for editing XForms 2.0 (see here for the original discussion.).

  1. The XForms 2.0 can be edited in the wiki, but it is best to edit just individual sections wherever possible.
  2. To make a change that does not show up in the diff, such as to correct a wiki import problem, edit both XForms 2.0 base and XForms 2.0.

The same rules apply to the modules:

When adding new XML vocabulary (elements, attributes, value tokens), please make sure to also update the XSD and RNC schemas here:

Edit tips

Editorial note


Spec note

{{SpecNote|The note}}

Exporting to spec html

We use a tool revdoc, which is checked in at /MarkUp/Forms/specs/WikiTools/Revdoc

Dependencies that need to be installed

  • Pyhton
    • html5lib : install using sudo easy_install html5lib


  • group_data.py
    • Contains all the specs that need to be generated in variable forms.deliverables
    • contains all the 'release events' in variable forms.rounds (add a ReleaseEvent for every release)
      • Add a round page to the wiki for every release
  • in wiki Round_<n>
    • You need to create a Round_<n> (starting from 1) for every release containing information of the release (target date, Summary of Changes, header info)

Exporting the spec html

Run the generate-spec-html ant target in /MarkUp/Forms/specs/WikiTools/Revdoc/build/build.xml