W3C libwww

Libwww Sample Applications

We keep a small set of example applications to show how to use libwww and how to build applications on top of it. They are all integrated into the libwww code base. Arena and Amaya are examples of other applications also using libwww.

Easy Startup sample apps
Small ready to go examples showing the very basics for starting libwww and loading a URL etc.
WebCon - a command line tool for Win32/Unix
This application which shows how to use libwww for building simple batch mode tools for accessing the Web. Can be used to do PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS, and much more
Webbot - a fast robot for Win32/Unix
A very fast Web walker or robot with support for SQL logging, regular expressions, and much more
Line Mode Browser for Win32/Unix
The Line Mode Browser is a character-based Web browser developed for use on terminals
Web Commander for Win32
A Wintel tool with a nice GUI interface for getting, saving, and deleting documents on your HTTP server
cvs2sql for Win32/Unix
A simple CVS to SQL log module that we use ourselves for tracking changes in libwww
A PICS Client Library
Good for writing PICS enabled clients

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