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The webbot is a very fast Web walker with support for regular expressions, SQL logging facilities, and many other features. The webbot comes with the libwww codebase. It can be used to check links, find bad HTML, map out a web site, download images, etc.

The Basics

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, John Punin, Bob Racko
An example application for libwww. The robot is the primary tool used for the HTTP performance measurements.
New releases follow the releases of libwww with no exception.
It runs on the same platforms as libwww
Getting the Source Code
The webbot comes as an integral part of the libwww distribution package.
Discussions on libwww and its example applications take place on <www-lib@w3.org> (archives). See the documentation for how to subscribe.


How to Run It

Be careful - this is a robot and hence can be used to traverse many links - it should be used with care and is not designed to be let loose on the Internet at large. Its primary design goal was to be able to test HTTP/1.1 pipelining features.

The robot has a large set of command line options that can be used in a large set of different combinations. You can try and see this simple script in order to see an example of how it can be run.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
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