W3C libwww Platforms

List of Platforms for libwww

This list gives an overview of the platforms where libwww is known (or belived) to work. Thanks a lot to the big group of creative contributors for the long list of hints, patches and additions to the make files and system dependent code! If you have any problems or questions then send a mail to the www-lib@w3.org mailing list (read the instructions for how to subscribe). We also keep an archive of the mailing list so that more easily can get up to speed.

Platform OS Note
Unix Tried on Solaris, Linux and Digital Unix Build the library using GNU Autoconf's configure script as described in the installation instructions. Note: You must use GNU make in order to do this
Windows Tried on Windows 95/98/NT Follow the installation instructions and see the special notes for building on Windows
Macs MacOS It doesn't work out of the box but several people are using it on Macs. Ask on the <www-lib@w3.org> mailing list

Disclaimer: Libwww has been designed to be both portable and flexible based on ANSI C and POSIX. However, there are platforms that do not conform to these standards. Even though autoconf is often capable of getting around such problems it may not always be the case. In this situation we are happy to accept patches but do not promise to maintain any platforms other than the ones we use for development.

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