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[Please note that Henrik has left W3C in July 1999. He can now be reached at frystyk@microsoft.com.]

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Think about the amount of time you have spent today moving around atoms - imagine what you can do with bits!

Work Areas

I spend most of my time doing HTTP related work which is part of the W3C Architecture domain. This involves both coding and specifications and I am a co-author of the HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, PEP, and MUX specifications. My current project is HTTP-NG, which is an attempt of redesigning HTTP using layering and modularization. The goal is simplicity, extensibility, automatibility and performance.

I have also been working on designing and implementing Libwww - the W3C Sample Code Library, which has been around since the early Web days. Other areas that I am very interested in are Addressing, Caching and Replication and Objects on the Web. If you are interested, then you can find a version of my resume.

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Off Work

I love to play my guitar - both classical and electric and listen to all kind of music from Gustav Mahler to Ramones and anything intelligent in between. Also, I read as much as possible of and about thinkers and visionaries.

I'd rather be a well-tuned soul with a dysfunctional agent
than a dysfunctional soul with a well-tuned agent!

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