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Getting the Libwww Source

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Libwww source code, documentation and sample applications is made freely available for any purpose - get it in one of the forms below.

Checkout from git (Preferred)

Checking out the code base directly from our github repository allows you to follow the development of libwww closely and to contribute much easier. Also, you will get a lot of bug fixes that are not in the distribution tar ball. In fact, if you intend to provide patches then you should use the git repository! If you intend to write code for libwww then have a look at the coding guide lines before you begin.

CVS Repository Snapshot

The CVS snapshots are now deprecated in favor of github.

For those who wish to keep up with the source development but do not have direct access to our CVS repository due to firewalls etc., we generate a snapshot tarball of the repository on a daily basis. You can copy this to your system, unpack it, and treat it as your working copy or alternatively you can use the CVS import facility into your own CVS repository.

We don't promise anything but there is a good chance that it compiles as long as you follow the same instructions as if you did a normal CVS checkout.

Latest Tar Ball Release (June 24, 2017)

Occasionally we wrap up the libwww code and produce a new revision, however, this happens much less frequently than updates are committed to the git repository.

When you have downloaded libwww, you are ready to unpack and compile the software. You can find more information on how libwww is designed in the libwww architecture and how to use it in the User's Guide.

RPMs (Apr 15, 1999)

These RPMs are out of date. We're now outsourcing their generation to other people. You can use rpmfind to search for them.

Thanks to Jim Gettys, we now provide RPMs for libwww. All RPM packages are signed with PGP using my own key with ID 1F71508D (also available from the key servers). These packages should always be accompanied by a .sig file containing a valid PGP signature.


The best thing is if we can incorporate contributions from you into the libwww code base but until this is done, you can have a look at the current set of contributions with new cool features.

Distribution Archives

You can find old libwww versions in the distribution archives.

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