W3C libwww Documentation

W3C Libwww Documentation

Get Started | Install and Use | Architecture & APIs | How to Help

Get Started

Get it!
Instructions on how to get the code - including directly from CVS
Release Notes
Listing new features and bug fixes and complete release history
Supported Platforms
Listing supported platforms and known tricks and hints about these platforms

Compile, Install, and Use libwww

Installation Guide
Describing how to unpack, compile, and install libwww and its sample applications.
Sample Applications
Some really basic samples and also some more elaborate applications that actually can do useful stuff
Libwww Quick Guide
A quick guide describing how to get started writing an application
Use the libwww-config script
A script for easier compiling and linking applications using libwww based on the GTK gtk-script

Architecture and APIs

Library Architecture
Describes the overall architecture of libwww
User's Guide
Explains how to use libwww for building applications.
Library Packages and Interfaces
Describes the interfaces of libwww and how they can be integrated into Web applications

How can I Help?

How can I help?
Here's an initial list but remember, only the sky is the limit!
Programming style Guide
Why is libwww coded as it is and how does it interface to for example C++ applications?
Known Bugs
Listing what we already know is wrong. See also the latest CVS changes

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