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Writing directly to the CVS repository is reserved for libwww hackers who have intimate knowledge of the code base and have proven their ability to use this privilege to the benefit of the libwww user community. You are of course more than welcome (read strongly encouraged) to submit patches to the <www-lib@w3.org> mailing list regardless of whether you have write access or not. If the patch is good, chances are good that it will be added to the CVS codebase by one of the libwww hackers.

How can I Sign Up?

We don't have a formal mechanism but the idea is that you have to prove your hacking ability. The best way to is to start contributing patches based on the latest code base and to be active on the <www-lib@w3.org> mailing list. Make sure that you have read the libwww style guide before you start.

How can I help?

We have a very interesting set of things to do - your help is required to make timely progress. Remember that only the sky is the limit - cool ideas are always welcome! Pick a project and don't forget to send mails to <www-lib@w3.org> about what you are up to or to ask questions!

Active contributors

This is the list of very active libwww hackers who have come up with some truly cool stuff

Jose Kahan
Integrated libwww with Amaya and provided feedback on client side API.
Vladimir Kozlov
Provides fresh Wintel binaries directly from the CVS repository and have made a cool libwww install shield
Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro
Implemented a WebDAV module for libwww and gave feedback on how to handle contributors.

Alumni (people who have contributed in the past)

Olga Antropova
Provided an SSL transport for libwww and lots of other very cool work
John Punin
Worked a lot on the webbot, splitting up the code, introduced Breadth First Search instead of Depth First Search, implemented robot.txt parser, HTTP redirections in the robot any more more really cool things. Has also embedded the expat parser into libwww!
Bob Racko
Added Frames support to HTML parser, fixed many bugs on NT, added support for mirroring and improved caching and much more
Raffaele Sena
Improved the HTML parser enourmously including adding full HTML/4.0 support! Also found and fixed a lot of very hard bugs
Eric Prud'hommeaux
Provided the Windows integration and asynchronous event management along with many other features.
Anselm Baird-Smith
Provided lots of help through many white-board discussions, especially on the HTTP/1.1 client side implementation.
Håkon W. Lie
Integrated libwww with Arena

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