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This is the current work plan for new libwww features but remember, the sky's the limit! Before you start, make sure that you have an up-to-date version of the code hot from CVS.

Open Projects

Project Description Started Status Owner
C++ representations of streams and other libwww classes This would make inheritance a lot easier - especially with respect to anchors and streams Mar 1999 Ongoing Martin Durst
RDF parser Implement an RDF parser on top of the Expat parser that John Punin integrated Mar 1999 Ongoing (pending on getting in libwww) Henrik & John
Mirroring facility in Webbot Use the webbot to mirror a site using the very fast HTTP/1.1 engine with pipeline and regular expressions! Sep 1998 Ongoing Bob Racko
HTTP Extension Framework We have many exiting HTTP extensions waiting for the HTTP Extension Framework. The implementation can be based on the existing PEP implementation. Oct 1998 Ongoing  Eric Prud'hommeaux
Regular expressions in URI mapping rules Libwww already supports URI mappings in the rules module but support for sed like regular expressions would be extremely useful, especially for mirroring done by the Webbot. Libwww already uses regular expressions for handling proxies and other things. Sep 1998 Open  
Drag-and-drop support in Web Commander Would like to be able to drag and drop URIs to save, load, etc. Would also be cool to have as well as integration with the Explorer menu. Sep 1998 Open  
GUI Interface for the Webbot We already have a sketchy Tcl/Tk interface but it hasn't been maintained. We need a GUI expert for this one! Oct 1998 Under discussion  

Completed Projects

Project Description Started Status Owner
Better Windows Makefiles Pending on autoconf and automake to be released with support for Windows. Any better ideas plan for improving Windows makefiles? Apr 1999 Done - see new msvc files  
Libwww RPM file Can use a lot of the information already used by GNU automake - need a spec file expert! Apr 1999 Done  Jim Gettys
SSL transport Libwww's flexible transport architecture allows for multiple transports of which SSL could be one Apr 1999 Done - NOTE: Because of US Export restrictions, we don't believe we can distribute this module for now
HTTP Cookies Make libwww toss 'em around! Mar 1999 Done - however, there is no cookie jar - just the parsing/generation

HTTP Digest Authentication Digest is becoming important is is beginning to see widespread deployment. Libwww supports easy addition of multiple authentication schemes so digest can be implemented as a plug-in module Oct 1998 Done Jose Kahan
Robot txt file parser The Webbot already knows about the robot META tags - help turning it into a well-behaving robot by understanding robot.txt files as well. Oct 1998 Done John Punin
Libwww Installshield for Windows Libwww and the sample apps like the Web Commander could really use an in install shield to get Windows people up and going. Vladimir's version installs all the libwww DLLs in a shared location so that they are available to other apps as well Oct 1998 Done Vladimir Kozlov
Better Windows Makefiles Pending on autoconf and automake to be released with support for Windows. Any better ideas plan for improving Windows makefiles? Sep 1998 Done - Get the separate MSVC makefiles  

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