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The Web Commander is a Win32 application for getting, saving, and deleting documents remotely using HTTP/1.1. It allows the user to explicitly control the metadata describing the document to save including the language, type, charset, etc.

The Web Commander is part of the the libwww - the W3C Sample Code Library and is available in both source and binary versions.

The Basics

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
An example application for libwww.
New releases follow the releases of libwww with no exception.
It runs on Win32 - it's a Windows specific GUI application
Getting the Source Code
The Web Commander comes as an integral part of the libwww distribution package but you can also get the binary version
Discussions on libwww and its example applications take place on <www-lib@w3.org> (archives). See the documentation for how to subscribe.

Binary Installation

Looking for Win32 binaries?
Vladimir Kozlov has made a really cool libwww installshield for Win32 which is available from the IDM Web site


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
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