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WebCon - the Libwww Command Line Tool

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WebCon is a simple Web console tool that allows you to perform any HTTP operation automatically like posting data, saving data, deleting documents, etc. The WebCon comes with the libwww codebase. It gives a variety of possibilities for data format conversion, filtering etc. and can easily be used in scripts, cron jobs etc.

The Basics

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Used as an example application for the W3C Sample Code Library
New releases follow the releases of libwww with no exception.
It runs on the same platforms as libwww
Getting the Source Code
The w3c tool comes as an integral part of the libwww distribution package.
Discussions on libwww and its example applications take place on <www-lib@w3.org> (archives). See the documentation for how to subscribe.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
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